Saturday, March 22, 2014


Well. it's been a while. It's easier to deal w/ just the one blog. I'm lazy.
I started cutting the synthroid tabs in 1/2, and w/in a week, my balance was much better. The doc didn't know why. But, at least I'll be saving us a tad of money. Every little bit helps! I'm finishing off a free pack he gave me, and then heading into a regular 30 day prescrip that will now stretch for 60 :-).
I tried 1/2 ing my clonazepam (klonopin), too. That's to keep me from kicking my better 1/2 out of bed in my sleep. Works just fine. One more cheap med that will be even cheaper. Another :-).

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hypothyroidism & Testosterone "Implants"

Well, finished pt w/ flying colors. By the way, what are "Flying Colors"? The brown of a grizzly in hindsight as we're having a cardiac sprinting to shelter? Anyway, he and I discussed how far I could get improving my balance if my poor balance is due to medications. I improved, yes. But, w/ my meds thrown in the mix, there're gonna be plenty of times I just can't help walking like I've had one too many. Better is better, though.
From there, we made a trip to our new endocrinologist. Blood work, anyone? The tests show that my thyroid levels are off kilter. One more hormone repair! So, I was prescribed synthroid, 1 x/ day, 1st thing in the a.m., 1/2 hr be4 eating anything. Seems to be doing its job.
Then, due to my concern about costs, we began talking about testosterone "implants", which we'll understand better after next Fri.'s appt. I do know each implant lasts 3 mo.'s and costs quite a bit less. as a matter of fact, the doc's info from the ins. co. is we won't be charged. Makes me happy. I constantly worry about how much I cost. W/ testosterone, interferon, bupropion, klonopin, fentanyl, synthroid, syringes, supplements, Dr.'s visits, tests, MRI's, CT scans & gas, not to mention the stress on my bride cuz she has to drive the great majority of the time, ECD is damaging to more than just the bank acct. W/ Humana's RightSource, fewer Dr.'s visits & scans & these new implants, though, we're whittling it down. We might be able to have a mug-o-brew at Frog Level Brewery, which we highly recommend if you're ever in Waynesville. These folks even let us bring supper in while we listen to the music & tip our glass.
Oh, yeah! Last trip to the endodontist went very well. The root canal is healing nicely, and he doesn't need to see me again for a yr. 'Tis a shame. they got some cute ass'ts. It doesn't bother my betrothed that they flirt a bit w/ me. SHE KNOWS WHO I"M GOIN" HOME W/? The best lookin' gal in the joint. ;-)
Ya'll take care & God bless all.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Physical Therapy

Started PT Monday, close to the house. It's about 2.5 miles. That's close enough for me to drive. After 3 days, the therapist is very pleased w/ my progress. It is fairly intense. One important detail, I need to remember to continue the exercises at home. :-) 

Friday, March 22, 2013


WHOA!! They sure weren't kidding about "Unpleasant". It took me two days to get my brain back in the middle of my skull! Warm & cool air in my ears, flashing lights up, down & sideways. They sure know how to screw a guy up.
Now, my legs screwed up, w/ no obvious reason. Dental work coming up. A neurologist in the mix. An oncologist, endocrinologist and family doc visit. Sheesh! I don't wanna be rich. But, it sure wouldn't hurt.
My wife said we have nothing in savings. Gee! I wonder whose lap that falls into, not that she's pointing fingers. I'm good enough at that. We could pay for a heart & lung transplant w/ what I cost. This SUX!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Balance Issues

I, at last, have an appt. w/ the ENT to investigate the balance problems I've been having. The appt. is in Feb.. The issues have continued to worsen. I've fallen several times this week, & I'm getting sick of it. I've heard the test for inner ear problems isn't very pleasant, though! I'm up for it & ready to take it on. Mess'n' wit da wrong dude, it is. ;-)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fentanyl, ups & downs

Well, it's official. I figured, for my own safety, I should talk to my oncologist about increasing my Fentanyl back up to 25 mcg's. I just can't deal w/ the light-headedness & poor balance anymore, and my legs have begun to ache 16 to 24 hrs before it's time to change the present patch. DRAT!! I hate feeling like I'm giving in.

Monday, August 27, 2012



Had a visit w/ the neurologist last wk. After viewing my latest images, he said my hydrocephalus has not progressed, and a shunt would cause a shrinkage of my brain away from my skull. That could cause a subdural hematoma. I'm pretty sure I still have work to do. So, I'd prefer to hang around.